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Now is the best time to see cuckoos around Crail as they head back to Africa. I saw one at lower Kilminning flying around the trees, with its characteristic anorexic bird of prey look, as it was disturbed by walkers. I think the most reliable way to see a cuckoo at Kilminning is to sit on the bench by the metal gate overlooking Kilminning coast and the sea, on a weekday either early or late when it is not busy. The meadow below and around Kilminning Castle is good for caterpillars and they often stop to feed there if it is quiet. But not for long. The cuckoos are moving quite quickly back to Africa now and some will be back in the Congo in three weeks’ time. The adults seem to follow the coast so anywhere along the coastal path is also as good as Kilminning. But you need to be ready because they dash over your head and then are gone – you see grey, falcon wings, a long tail, and as I have already written, a skinny, whippy impression. If you see a weird hawk fitting this description over the next couple of weeks, be fairly confident it is a cuckoo.

Cuckoo (JA)

Posted June 19, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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