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Last time my dog ran off I was rewarded for my patience waiting for her to return by seeing a pair of red kites. Today I waited 25 minutes but no reward except my dog returning with that self-satisfied look that only a small terrier can manage after pleasing themselves chasing a wide range of impossible prey over several kilometres. It was my fault for lifting her over a dyke and dropping her more or less on top of a young hare. It legged it off along the wall and then hid about 50 meters away. Nutty (the dog’s name, although also an appropriate adjective) took off after it, spectacularly running right past the hiding place, completely oblivious. And then the hare started off after her! I have no idea what happened, I next saw Nutty a kilometre away still running for Scotland and no sign of the hare. Anyway, I waited and watched the shelducks. The two pairs are still jousting for the bay. And then a sandwich tern fishing – the first of the year. They are spectacular birds with their active and elegant flight, and their big, high dives. My last was in Liberia, like the swallows, where they winter amongst the Atlantic breakers. Despite the easterly wind today I don’t think there were many other new migrants in: a redwing at Kilminning and a couple of barn swallows catching seaweed flies at the top of Balcomie Beach.

Sandwich tern (JA)

Posted April 9, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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