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I was out at Kilminning first thing this morning and yesterday dodging the rain showers and hoping for a late season migrant brought on by easterlies of the last few days. I am off to Nigeria today so it makes me a bit edgy that something very rare is about to turn up – this late it is unlikely but some very good birds have been turning up along the east coast over the last few days. I didn’t find anything except a late season chiff-chaff. Yesterday there was a common and a black redstart about: they may well be still about. It is very hard to find things in heavy rain and they are unlikely to have gone somewhere else overnight considering the weather. I did see lots of fieldfares both days and a huge flock of hundreds in the field just to the north of Kingsbarns this morning. These are migrants in from the continent for the winter. Normally they don’t stop long in the East Neuk but perhaps the weather is also keeping them from moving on. Although I may miss a late season migrant as I head south with them, I won’t miss the current weather.

One of the many late season chiff-chaffs that have turned up at Kilminning this year – taken last week by John when the sun was still shining (JA)

Posted November 7, 2019 by wildcrail in Sightings

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