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I haven’t been in Denburn for a couple of weeks so I can’t say when it arrived, but there was a blackcap singing beautifully there today. My first in Crail for the year, although one has been singing outside my office in St Andrews all week. Denburn is a very busy place this spring with several rook pairs now nesting there, expanding out presumably from the rookery in Beech Walk Park; a very nice looking new magpie nest complete with its domed top, the usual carrion crow nests and the resident sparrowhawk nest – all within a few tens of meters of each other. I think they probably all sit a bit uneasily together – any/or will take another’s eggs or chicks.

Male Blackcap – one of the most beautiful singers we have in Scotland – performing in Denburn at the moment


Posted April 23, 2017 by wildcrail in Sightings

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