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The Brunnich’s guillemot was in residence at Anstruther Harbour all day today providing everyone who went to see it with good views. As John’s photo below shows (much better than mine yesterday, obviously) it is in moult – replacing its flight feathers which they typically do late August to September. This bird won’t be able to fly at the moment (well, they are pretty much northern hemisphere penguins already) so can only swim away – and indeed must have been in the area a bit of time already before it swam into Anstruther Harbour. Its chance of being a fixture for a while is high.

The Brunnich's guillemot - still in Anstruther harbour today. A decent photo as well.

The Brunnich’s guillemot – still in Anstruther harbour today. A decent photo as well.

Elsewhere it is pretty quiet. I checked out Kilminning this evening and apart from a lot of robins (which seem to be increasing, so some may already be here for the winter) and wrens I didn’t see anything special in the bushes. There was a nice flock of lapwing and golden plover in the adjacent potato field and I enjoyed watching the gannets strung out in white lines on the horizon heading back to the Bass Rock at dusk. But I missed the terns – it has now been several days without even a sandwich tern.

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