August 29th   1 comment

A corncrake was seen yesterday at Boarhills rapidly disappearing (as they do) into a fallow field. A rare bird anywhere in the UK, except maybe the Hebrides, and a bird that, even in the Hebrides, is impossible to see due to its preference for very dense cover and freezing rather than flushing when approached. As you might imagine I spent a happy hour this afternoon tramping through the weedy (lots of thistles…) field flushing surprising numbers of skylarks, a pheasant and a covey of grey partridges but no corncrakes. Worse than needle in a haystack but I had to try because it was a corncrake. There were several wheatears as consolation in the harvested fields on the way back – it’s been a good autumn for wheatears – they seem to be everywhere along the coast just now.

Lots of wheatears around at the moment

Lots of wheatears around at the moment

Posted August 29, 2016 by wildcrail in Sightings

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