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The rain of the last few days cleared away today to give a proper East Neuk winters day with plenty of sun and a much crisper feel. There has been so much rain recently that my weather station in my back garden has started to play up. That or it is now -45.6 degrees out there. It has got colder since yesterday’s unseasonal high of 13 degrees but probably not that cold. I hope it comes to its senses as the day dries things out. The mallards, at least, are enjoying the rain. Many of the fields above Crail have large ponds in them now and I counted a good flock of mallards sitting contentedly on what was last week a field of winter wheat.

The local mallards are enjoying the weather

The local mallards are enjoying the weather

The sun was hidden by some low cloud first thing giving a nice flat light for seawatching from my house. In the winter the sun rises straight out from Crail and so the first couple hours of the day are written off it is not cloudy. No little auks this morning but a few razorbills, kittiwakes, one or two gannets and the usual cormorants and shags. From Crail most of what looks like a shag or a cormorant will be a shag but maybe 5% will be cormorants. The easiest way to tell them apart is by their shape when they fly by. Shags are pot bellied with a heads, neck and bill in distinct sections; cormorants are much flatter from belly to neck to head and bill.



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