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There was a feeling of deflation today. Lots of yesterday’s birds moved on last night – there was no sign of the brown shrike this morning, nor any of the warblers that were around yesterday. Migrants tend to depart on clear nights and last night was the first in a few days, despite the wind blowing up from the south-east. Any bird trying to correct its course would have had to fly straight into the wind. I doubt the brown shrike got very far. There were a lot of disconsolate birders mooching around Balcomie this morning in the hope that it would reappear. I checked some likely sites nearby that were a bit more sheltered but no luck. I found a wheatear and a brambling but no yellow-browed warblers for the first time since last Tuesday. Clearly a lot of things left last night as well. This was borne out by the fact that with so many birders now around the Crail area with nothing to look at, the chances of something else being found, if it was about, was much higher than usual. But nothing else was reported today locally. Of course today’s disappointed birders may have just gone to the pub to drown their sorrows. They were not as disappointed as the small boys whose granny lives at Balcomie who belatedly thought of asking for a pound donation for the visitors to the farm. Yesterday there was much good humour and they would have earned a bit, but today the idea was a non-starter. Some twitches where the bird is on private land or parking is difficult have resulted in thousands of pounds being collected by the landowner (mostly for good causes and usually not for local children, although I had to admire their entrepreneurial spirit, if not their timing). I will get the children more organised next time and take a cut.

One of the 20 or so dunlins on Balcomie Beach this weekend

One of the 20 or so dunlins on Balcomie Beach this weekend

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