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There are not so many washed up dead puffins at all on the beaches between Fife Ness and Crail. I think this suggests that they died further out at sea, and not in the Forth, and the prevailing winds are responsible for washing them up eventually on the east facing shores like Balcomie and Kingsbarns.

It’s been a beautiful weekend but still bitterly cold. The herring gulls have beeen enjoying their annual easter egg rolling harvest. There is some sign of birds resuming breeding. There are two female blackbirds in my front garden that are constantly scrapping while the male looks on fairly ineffectually. Both females look like older birds, while the male is a first time breeder (very bright bills on the females but not on the male is how I’m guessing this). Female blackbirds are as aggressive and territorial as the males.

The frog spawn in Denburn has disappeared completely. I can’t believe it has been warm enough to hatch. There are tens of large sticklebacks so I suspect the spawn has been eaten instead.

The tides have been very high this week with the gulls and ducks feeding as usual on the surf’s edge in Roome Bay on the washed out seaweed maggots. We still have a full complement of the winter ducks in Roome Bay including the common scoters, red-breasted merganser, goldeneyes and wigeon.

Male wigeon feeding on seaweed fly maggots washed out by the high tide

Male wigeon feeding on seaweed fly maggots washed out by the high tide (you can see a couple floating to the left)

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