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The flock of geese and swans that arrived on Wednesday is still with us. This morning there was a flock of 25 tundra bean geese at the crossroads pools with the whooper swans, white-fronted geese and barnacle goose also reported from nearby fields. I think it is an epic flock – the bean geese have certainly come from Siberia and the rest of the flock was probably picked up on the way. They are all probably very glad to be somewhere like Crail, enjoying the mild weather and the many still available stubble fields to regain their condition after migration. There has been a country wide influx of bean and white-fronted geese. The weather conditions wouldn’t really have suggested this, but something unusual has happened on the continent to bring us all these geese.

Tundra bean goose - from Siberia

At Fife Ness this morning I tramped round the patch looking for late season rarities but all was quiet. There was a flyby from a barnacle and a white-fronted goose. In any other week this would have been very unusual. I also had a snow bunting passing over. The first of the winter, although I didn’t see any last winter at all. Fife Ness is about the best place to find snow buntings and I suspect that the golfers see them more than I do. Snow buntings aren’t very shy and love the short grass of the fairways.

Snow buntings

Posted November 20, 2011 by wildcrail in Sightings

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