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Song Thrush

It has been a mixed week of weather. On Monday morning it was relatively mild, but then colder again with a ferocious gale and rain by the end of the week. But spring is on the way. I heard my first Crail song thrush really singing at dawn this week and the blue tits are also starting to sing. The pair of ring-necked parakeets are being noisy and around the tall beech trees behind the Kirk; if they are a breeding pair then they may start at any time now. I would be very interested to know if anyone has seen one or both parrots going into a hole anywhere in Crail. If they nest it will be in a hole 5 or more meters up in a large tree.

Other signs of spring are the increasing number of gannets to be seen in the Forth. It is now hard not to see one pass by if you watch for more than 5 minutes. But we are still a long way from Bass Rock turning white with them. Fulmars are visiting their nests more often. Snowdrops are out; there is a nice bank of them along the Brandyburn.

The black redstart probably moved on from Roome Bay mid week. I was at Roome Bay for several afternoons this week on the high tides. The beaches were full of redshanks, one purple sandpiper, lots of starlings and rock pipits all feeding on the seaweed flies that were being pushed out of the wrack by the high water but no sign of the redstart.

We can expect sea ducks like scoters and mergansers to be become more common passing to the east on their way north over the next week or so.

Posted February 6, 2011 by wildcrail in Sightings

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