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The corn buntings are back in the stubble fields west of Kingsbarns, between the village and the old railway line. I counted 125 in three flocks, although they were quite mobile, merging and separating over three big fields. And if I counted 125, there will be quite a few more. The moment they land in the stubble they disappear. As I counted a new group in a bush I noticed some colour-rings catching the light. MWRY – the corn bunting we ringed in March this year, having moved the epic distance of 524m away since then. But this is why I am studying corn buntings. They move on a scale I can keep track off. It looked very happy 9 months on. Above it were a couple of twite, and on closer look another 30, keeping as a distinct unit even when flying off in the company of over 200 linnets. The fields had over 500 small birds in them: tree sparrows, yellowhammers, reed buntings and another couple of hundred skylark. So many skylarks that their flight calls blurred together to sound like distant burbling bee-eaters. The stubble fields by Kingsbarns are brilliant and I hope the ploughing there stays as late as last year. A final bonus was a very angry jay calling from one of the pine shelter belts. Always a special local bird and never guaranteed on the patch in a year (although this is my third or fourth this year).

MWRY taking it easy after its epic movement. Spot the two twite too.

Posted December 9, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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