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I had planned to be in Nigeria these two weeks, but serious civil unrest where I work has made that problematic. Still, this gives me some clear time here to see what is happening with the corn buntings. It was a joy to get out and about again through the fields – I have been missing this. Not quite summer weather, but warm enough and no wind. So warm and still that were insects everywhere and also lots of parachuting, small black spiders, dispersing in the good conditions. My face got covered in silk as I cycled along. I found a few corn buntings, but the only big flock was one of 30 along the old railway line where a strip of wild bird seed mix and a pile of old grain makes a great area for them. Also, for other buntings, tree sparrows (flocks everywhere today), chaffinches, and even some bramblings. The real find was three flocks of twite: one at Upper Kenly (12), one at Boghall in the field corner by Red Sands where they were last winter (70) and one in the stubbles by Kingsbarns (15). Best of all was a colour-ringed bird. I have seen them before at Boghall but this is the first time I have been able to get the full combination. Black over white left leg, and metal over yellow right leg. I have sent the details off to the people I think are responsible for the colour-ringing project. I am looking forward to hearing this particular bird’s story and joining up some migratory dots.

The colour-ringed twite at Boghall today. It took a few photos to get the ring combination clearly.
More of the twite at Boghall – one showing its pink rump nicely. You can see a little thread of spider silk crossing in front of them – there really were little spiders everywhere today

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