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Yesterday was a bad day to go out birding – and even worse on a bike. A gale and rain much of the day. It seemed worth it because a few things are turning up on the May Island including a yellow-browed warbler. Even if there had been a dozen at Kilminning yesterday, I wouldn’t have found them though. Today was much calmer and dryer and there was a reasonable chance to hear one even in the half an hour I could spare at lunchtime. Upper Kilminning remained resolutely empty of yellow-browed warblers again. Some blackbirds, redwings, goldcrests and a few woodcock as the only obvious new migrants. I had to enjoy the wrens that came out of cover to mob my dog – five of them close together. I am not used to them winter flocking but they must do so: it is just usually impossible to appreciate because they keep in the dense cover, low down, and you only see one or two at any one time.

One of the wrens coming out of cover to scold my dog, a few centimeters below this bird

Posted November 1, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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