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There have been quite a few people sea watching at Fife Ness the last week. What with the great shearwater, Sabine’s gull and the Fea’s type petrel passing, along with a good supporting cast of sooty shearwaters, skuas, terns and little gulls. I have been lured in as well for more sessions than I usually do, neglecting inland places. Still, Kilminning and Balcomie cottages have seemed quiet in terms of migrants, apart from willow warblers, every time I have had a quick look this week. So sea watching it is. It is a bit addictive – just one more scan, and a few more minutes checking out the horizon slipping into hours of not doing much, and often not seeing much. But today was such a beautiful, end of summer day, that I could have watched paint dry at Fife Ness happily. But there was a slow passage of the usual suspects with sooty shearwaters, little gulls and any skua always a highlight for me. The first brent geese of the autumn came by two days ago and I finally saw my first – a flock of 25 heading south to Lindisfarne or Norfolk. We should have the first pink-footed geese tomorrow or the next day.

Brent geese (John Anderson)

There were bottle-nosed dolphins also about today, passing the Ness close in and slowly. And just round the corner from the bird hide, where the wooden steps go down a tiny cliff, a couple of wall butterflies, true to their name, sunning themselves on the cliff wall. Last year we had just the first few wall butterflies making it to Fife, and this summer their northward expansion continues, with several more records.

Wall butterfly at Fife Ness (John Anderson)

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