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I think the corn bunting breeding season has finished more or less. My last nest failed today – although from experience I know I will need to double check this in the days ahead to be totally sure. The nest was in the potato field opposite the airfield, and today was the day the chicks should have fledged. Perhaps they did and they were lying low. But there was no sign of agitated parents for the thirty minutes I sat beside the field this morning. I did see a female merlin. hunting over the airfield – starling and linnet flocks panicking in front of it. The rest of the morning was also quiet corn bunting wise. No singing bird heard at all today. I only saw two groups in the stubble at Caiplie – a mixture of juveniles and adults, perhaps a family group still. And then heard a tree pipit, lost somewhere in the stubble.

There has been a pulse of butterflies in the last week: red admirals and small tortoiseshells are everywhere in Crail now. Lots of moths and hoverflies too, the dividend of a warm summer.

A silver y – a common, day-flying moth rather than a butterfly

Posted August 18, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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