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The roseate tern was still in with the big flock of Arctic terns north of Balcomie Beach. I popped down late morning for a quick look. There was more cloud cover today and no direct sunshine although it was still bright. This made the roseate tern look bright white among the greyer Arctic terns. So much so that you could pick it out in flight with the naked eye. No need to look for the wing pattern. A really good feature, but not in bright sunlight as yesterday. There were a few waders on the rocks as well: 20 dunlin, 4 knot, 15 turnstone, 2 sanderling, 1 or 2 whimbrel and some ringed plover.

The roseate tern today – to show how white it looked in the duller light. It’s the whitest one in the picture. You can also see the black lower edge to the wing very well.
Two of the dunlin a bit closer than the terns. On the left a juvenile from this year – neat black spotting on the flanks. On the right an adult with the subtly striped breast and black belly.

Posted August 5, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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