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More yellow wagtail good news. I was at Balcomie, up near the castle cottages when I heard a yellow wagtail. A bright male flew over and then landed and made some sustained alarm calls from the adjacent winter wheat field. This bird was 636 meters (I blame the GPS for this level of pedantic accuracy…) from the nest in the asparagus field: well within their foraging range. But nevertheless, it was behaving as if it had a nest much closer. Encouraging (maybe nest 7 this year), but better still was a juvenile yellow wagtail that also flew over and circled around me attracted by the male calling. The juvenile was fully independent and probably fledged in late May or early June. So, it seems likely that the Balcomie asparagus pair are renesting after a successful first nest (so definitely a minimum of 7 nests this year). Why so excited about Crail yellow wagtails? – because when a declining African migrant species, and such a wonderful one as this, makes a comeback, however small, it gives you hope.

A Crail yellow wagtail (John Anderson)

Posted July 16, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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