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It was a wet day, with soaking vegetation to wade through as visited corn bunting territories today to check on how they are progressing. Most were sitting tight on their nests, especially in the afternoon, with eerily quiet territories – the males, of course, eventually giving the game away by sitting above the nests and singing a quiet little song. I came across a grey partridge at Oldbarns that was wetter than me. Four adult birds exploded out of a spring barley field a few meters in front of me. They had chicks, and one proceeded to distraction display by dragging its wings and stumbling away. I didn’t chase it (obviously) and it became more frantic, sprinting back and forth around me, desperate to draw me away from the chicks. It was soaking wet making it look even more unhappy. I moved quickly away and the adults flew off as fast as they could. A bit later I could hear the young calling quietly in the barley so their parents can find them again.

The grey partridge running frantically around me to distract me away from her chicks

I got home as the rain became really persistent late afternoon. Finally dry and contemplating a cup of tea I got a message: black redstart in the front gardens of Pinkerton. Back on with my wet coat, a quick cycle across Crail and five minutes later I was watching a (I think one year old male) black redstart feeding on the wet driveways. Black redstarts are good Crail migrants: 2 or 3 a year if I am lucky, and the occasional long term winter resident in Roome Bay. I have had one already this year on the 30th January. Mid-summer is unusual. They are commoner late autumn and winter. Anyway, one of my favourites and worth getting wet again for.

The black redstart at Pinkerton – like a sooty black robin with the red on the tail

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