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I saw a pair of corn buntings mating this morning on a wire: more like one bird trying to land on the back of another for a second. It reassured me that they are just starting to nest while lots of other species are finishing. The fields are full of well fledged rooks, crows and starlings, and at Kingsbarns I saw a gawky grey heron just out of the nest, standing in the field below, looking bemused. The summer migrants are mostly feeding chicks now, particularly whitethroats. Again, it is a good season for them – they are everywhere and there are a lot of active nests. The good weather of the last three weeks has been helping a lot. Tonight’s rain is the first serious rain this month with several millimeters falling – the total for the month to date has only been about 1.4 mm. It’s back to dry and warm tomorrow. The perfect combination for chicks about to fledge. Good growing conditions for plants and insects but no cold, damp days to chill poorly feathered fledglings.

The newly fledged grey heron standing on a fleeced Brassica field below the heronry at the main entrance to Cambo. You can tell it’s a juvenile by its poor choice of habitat and also by the lack of the black stripe from the eye and its grey (not white) crown

Posted June 24, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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