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I was watching the swifts over my front garden and the High Street this evening. They have finally got going and have been screaming and chasing this week. Sadly none have come closer than a few meters from my swift nest boxes. One of the swifts was just hanging in the air, soaring into the wind, high above. Swifts don’t hang, they always keep moving, so it wasn’t a swift. A peregrine – the same arrowhead shape as a swift on first glance (although not a perfect match – that would be a hobby, a much rarer falcon). The peregrine stayed hanging high above for several minutes, waiting for something to pass by below, before drifting off south over the sea. Some years I see peregrines nearly every day, but this year it is about once a month, so nice to have one coming to my house.

Peregrine (JA)

Posted June 3, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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