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I had an osprey flying over this Pitkierie (just north of Kilrenny) this morning. Unbelievably this is only my second osprey in the Crail patch. My first was on the 26th August 2006, flying along the shore at Kingsbarns Beach before cutting the corner off to the Forth. Ospreys can be easily seen in parts of Fife – the Eden Estuary, late summer, is the closest place – and all over the Highlands (although 75 years ago there was only a single pair of ospreys breeding in Scotland). But they are rarities here. Most ospreys migrate from West Africa, so they fly over Fife and each year there are a handful of sightings of migrating birds, but always to the west of Crail. It was great to see an osprey again here, and it reminded me that my last osprey – in the absence of going anywhere except my local Crail patch in the last year – was in Liberia, in January 2020.

The distant osprey this morning, gaining height before it continued west: local patch gold. One of the easiest raptors to identify even at this distance because of its pied plumage and general gull like look.

Posted June 1, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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