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I was mapping corn buntings along the coast between Kingsbarns and Boarhills: filling in some gaps and confirming that Boghall is stuffed with territories – particularly so if you consider that Drony Road goes through the farm. Probably 23 territories in 1.6 square kilometers… There is now only a flock of about 8 corn buntings around the former sheep field by the ruined chalet at Boghall – these are probably nesting birds that leave their nearby territories temporarily to flock up and feed in good areas. The flocks of twite are finally away, but there are still plenty of skylarks, yellowhammers and linnets about. With the high small density so there are still birds of prey. I had three kestrels, a male peregrine, a couple of buzzards and a passage female marsh harrier hunting over the farm in the hour I spent surveying there this morning.

The corn bunting in territory 13 on the Drony Road on the Kingsbarn side of Boghall. This one is particularly used to people, presumably because of all the walkers coming past on the coastal path.

The swifts, although back, are still not doing much in Crail. I see a few birds in the morning and the evening, but I get the impression they are still doing most of their feeding in the fields around and have not started nesting. I have been trying playback at my new swift nest boxes for a couple of days, but no close interest yet.

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