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Light winds, a bit of haar and some sharp rain showers are a May recipe for some migrants: they are coming in this afternoon on the May Island. At least one reached us. The first spotted flycatcher of the year caught as the last bird of the day by Chris Broome down at the Patch at Fife Ness. Another one of my favourite birds. It weighed about 14 grams, so on the light end, which makes sense for a bird turning up at Fife Ness mid-afternoon, low on fuel. It should be on the patch for a couple of days before moving on, either further north-west in Scotland, or to Scandinavia.

Close ups of spotted flycatcher – both tipping their head a bit so you can see how broad their bills are at the base – a big gape, all the better for catching flies

I checked Kilminning out on the way back from the flycatcher just in case something else had dropped in. There was nothing obviously new, still wheatears as yesterday and two whinchats.

One of the whinchats at Kilminning on the piece of fence that will always be “the whinchat fence”. If there is a whinchat at Kilminning it will feed along this fence unless disturbed

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