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Be careful what you wish for – the long  anticipated rain is here, with more rain so far than the whole of April since lunchtime. It is being blown in on a strong south-easterly and a temperature of 5 degrees, so it feels again like March, not May. I watched the swallows and sand martins this morning congregating to feed along the rocky shore at Kingsbarns, and this was before it started raining. It must be grim for the summer migrants. At least most of the chicks of the earlier nesting residents will still be in the nest and can be sheltered by a sitting parent. This type of storm is death to new fledglings. It should have blown through by tomorrow morning, although warmer weather is not forecast for another week.

The corn buntings were understandably having another quiet morning, concentrating on feeding. I was up checking the territories (or lack of them) by the Secret Bunker and saw a raven. Last Thursday I had a pair (the pair) again at Fairmont, and as the crow flies, this bird was only a few minutes away from there, so it was probably one of these. I don’t think they are nesting this year, but at least they are still around.

Ravens (JA)

Posted May 3, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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