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I was along the edge of the fields next to the coastal path at Randerston looking for corn buntings this morning. I didn’t find any new territories, but I did see a lot of hares. I saw a pair having a bit of a box and a chase, and one of the males, clearly very fired up and in the mad March hare mood, started lolloping straight towards me. I was mystified until I realized it was heading for my dog, Nutty. I watched in disbelief – my dog did the same. It stopped about four meters away from Nutty and got up onto its hind legs to have a better look. I can only imagine that to this sex crazed hare, a small, brown border terrier might have looked a bit like a potential mate. The dog and hare regarded each other for several seconds, and I watched in disbelief, my hand sliding slowly down to my camera to catch this bizarre moment. But I was too late, the hare realized its mistake (Nutty’s ears too short probably) and trotted off up the field. Nutty watched it go without even an attempt to pull on her lead to try and chase it, most unlike a terrier. This was just not what hares do. The next hare we met just legged it as normal, restoring Nutty’s faith.

Despite a slight easterly today there was nothing obviously new in at Kilminning or Balcomie. There has been a good passage of northern wheatears this year and there are one or two in many of the newly harrowed fields at the moment. I had a great view of a lovely female wheatear keeping pace with me as I walked along a fence. Normally spring wheatears are fairly shy, but this one seemed as interested in me as I was in it. Perhaps it was the dog again.

Female northern wheatear in a field behind Balcomie this morning

Posted April 25, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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