April 9th   1 comment

I have been worried about the cold weather freezing the pond surface for the last three nights and its effects on the frog tadpoles. But so far so good – they are growing well, have broken free of their jelly and today were snacking on pondweed in the sun in a huge shoal (or school or whatever the collective noun for tadpoles is).

Lots of tadpoles enjoying the pondweed that I curse for the rest of the year

Only a short walk around Crail this afternoon after work. But it’s always worth it. A couple of chiffchaffs calling, singing and feeding very actively in the garden above the old boating pond. A male red-breasted merganser hauled out on the rocks, looking surprisingly dumpy as it preened. And a lesser black-backed gull with the more usual herring gulls bathing at the mouth of the Brandyburn. There will be lesser black backed gulls regularly there now until September.

Lesser black-backed gull at the Brandyburn today, back for the summer – one or two pairs nest on the rooftops of Crail, the rest on the May Island

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  1. re The collective noun for tadpoles: only two I could find were “a squiggle of tadpoles” or “a cloud of tadpoles”.

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