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There were more sand martins in today. I saw a pair at Balcomie and then later a pair at Roome Bay, zipping around their occasional nesting holes there as if very keen to get started. Breeding at Roome Bay is a hit and miss affair – I think it happened successfully last year. They probably need a dry spring so that the pipes they nest in are not dripping with water. It has dried up these last two weeks following the pattern of the last few springs. If that is the case we can look forward to dry, sunny weather until June. I had my first blackcap of the year at the Patch. In a mist net, which is handy when they are not singing. There were two male blackcaps caught and ringed at the patch this morning but I didn’t hear any song at all. It might be the cold night last night. None of the corn buntings were singing this morning until about 10:30, and then only a few. Blackcaps, like chiffchaffs are occasional winter residents in Crail so its hard to pin down early arrival dates. But assuming that today’s birds were migrants (and again there was a wave of blackcap sightings in Fife today and yesterday) then these are early birds. I usually expect blackcaps to arrive in the second or third week in April. Today’s blackcaps equal my earliest spring migrant blackcaps on the 3rd April 2016. The early spring continues.


Posted April 3, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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