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As I walked down Kingsbarn’s High Street this morning on my way to see if the corn buntings flocks were still there, I heard some crows making a fuss. I looked up and there was a red kite, circling over the village at barely more than treetop height. Only my second ever record, with last being a pair near Crail on June 9th 2019. Considering how widespread as a breeding bird red kites now are, it is surprising that we record so few in Fife. It does seem to be finally increasing in the county, with a handful of records already this year. The East Neuk is a perfect place for kites to breed and it can only be a matter of time before they become a Crail area resident, rather than the glamorous rarity that they are now. The kite this morning circled over Kingsbarns a bit before heading towards Cambo and Fife Ness.

Red kite over Kingsbarns this morning

I had my first barn swallows this afternoon. Two at Lower Kilminning. A lot of swallows were reported today all over Fife. The 2nd April is my second earliest arrival date (the earliest being the 29th March in 2012): the average arrival date since 2006 is the 12th of April.

Barn swallow (JA)

There are still spectacular numbers of twite at Boghall Farm, next to the beach. I counted a minimum of 90 perched together on a wire fence but there may be up to 150. There were several flocks at various times, including one of 40 just sitting on the red sands of the beach. They are very tame, and I could approach the flock on the fence to twenty meters. To see them just follow the coastal path from Kingsbarns beach carpark towards St Andrews for 1.5 km. They are in the fields by the derelict caravan.

Twite at Boghall today

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