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Another harbour seal today! My daughter phoned to tell me she had found a “baby seal” on harbour beach this morning. After the injured one at Balcomie on March 29th, I thought it must have just relocated. But no, a different individual, lacking the wound on its head, although otherwise the same general size and appearance. Again, a seal born last year, about a meter long. It was right at the top of the far end of the beach at the harbour. I suspect it had swum onto the sand this morning on the high tide, hauled out and had a sleep in the early morning sun. When it woke up it found the sea just a bit far out, so it was waiting out the day, snoozing, for the tide to return to it. It looked happy enough although there is always the issue of dogs and stranded seals. But it was attracting a bit of attention from people on the beach, so the word was being passed to be careful as newcomers arrived.

Harbour seal appropriately enough on harbour beach

Posted April 1, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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