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There are still some corn bunting flocks about. I bumped into a flock of at least 60 just west of Kingsbarns this morning. The stubble fields are still there too, so probably not a coincidence. Everywhere else they are disappearing fast: I could hear the ploughing and the gulls throughout my walk from Kingsbarns to Kenly Water and back. There are only a couple left at Hillhead now, but there seem to be just skylarks in these fields anyway, apart from the big chaffinch flock down by the burn mouth (minus any bramblings now). The twite are still in residence at Boghall, in the sheep field behind Red Sands. At least 90, which I think removes the remote possibility that the similar size twite flock I found out at Kilrenny last Monday were the same birds. Coming back into Kingsbarns I checked the gulls roosting on the sea and found my first proper summer migrant of the year – a lesser black-backed gull, back from North Africa or southern Iberia.

My first lesser-black backed gull of the year at Kingsbarns this morning. They are pretty much the first migrant back, only having to come back from Southern Europe. The birds on the right (bottom to top) are a nice sequence of 1st winter, 2nd winter and then adult herring gulls.

Posted March 14, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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