March 11th   2 comments

There was a big concentration of gulls and ducks at Roome Bay this afternoon pecking away in the surf as the high tide washed out the sandhoppers and seaweed fly maggots out of the strandline. It’s one of the best natural spectacles to be seen regularly from Crail. Lots of birds, lots of activity and always the chance of something rare in amongst the herring gulls and mallards. And when there isn’t like today, there is still the satisfaction of having hundreds of birds to check through. In the foreground, on the small bit of beach remaining, were the Roome Bay redshanks. Among them YNGN – a colour-ringed redshank I caught in Crail on the 21st March 2011 – so almost exactly a decade ago. It was 8 months old when I caught it so it is now nearly 10 years old. It’s a small redshank and already getting its summer plumage relative to the rest of the others, so I should think it is a Scottish breeder. Maybe Shetland or the Hebrides, or perhaps the Spey Valley.

Roome Bay redshanks – YNGN is the one on the left, getting its summer spots

Posted March 11, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

2 responses to “March 11th

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  1. I have such beautiful memories of Crail redshanks! Quite moved by info about YNGN 🙂
    Best wishes to Crail.

    Zuzana Karlíková
    • Dear Zuzana

      Lovely to hear from you – and yes, one of your birds. There are only a few left now but they still make me happy every time I see them.
      Best wishes from Crail.

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