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I couldn’t get out today and could only glance out of my window at the snow. John Anderson phoned in the middle of a class this afternoon (my students are used to me answering the phone in the middle of a tutorial…) – a barn owl hunting in the late afternoon sunlight above the snow of the airfield. Barns owls and snow are a magical combination, even if a daylight hunting owl will be doing so because it is very hungry. Oh well, hopefully another day. I consoled myself today with the fieldfares, back again in a big flock to work on the crab apples. Occasionally flocks of skylarks flew over the garden heading east. Once they reach Fife Ness there really is nowhere else to go – there must be a very, very big flock out in the remaining stubble fields of Balcomie.

One of the fieldfares returning to my back garden, giving me at least a glimpse of some wildlife today

Posted February 10, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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