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There has been no let up in the easterly gales and heavy rain for the last three days. There are occasional gaps in the showers but if you want to get out it is full wet weather gear from head to toe, or a miserable time is in store. I went out to Balcomie and Fife Ness this morning. It was all about the storm and the wild sea and the spectacle. There were birds but hard to see anything in the wind and the huge waves. Balcomie Beach was covered in spume and the waders had retreated to the rocks on the northern edge where there was a bit more shelter while feeding. At Fife Ness there was a steady stream of razorbills and kittiwakes: I looked in vain for a little auk. About ten red-throated divers went past in 45 minutes. It was exciting and it felt like something special might come past at any time. But the cold and rain (and a miserable dog) pushed me home for coffee. I had a better view of the seabird passage from my house in Crail in any case. Being 30 meters up I could see into the wave troughs. It was the same as Fife Ness however, still razorbills and kittiwakes, although now with double figures of gannets – a faint hint of spring that otherwise seemed a very long way off today.

The scene from Fife Ness mid-morning today – razorbills and waves (JA)

Posted February 6, 2021 by wildcrail in Sightings

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