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There have been some huge gull flocks in the fields between Pinkerton and Kilminning for the last few days. A glaucous gull, an Iceland gull and a Mediterranean gull were all seen this afternoon among the hundreds of herring, common and black-headed gulls. I came to the gull party a bit late and couldn’t find any of the specials, but I had left my telescope at home. Still, the gulls should be there tomorrow and I will give them a closer look. Regardless, it was a lovely afternoon and as I walked the stubble field at Sauchope (just behind the caravan park and adjacent to the east end of Crail) I did put up at least 16 corn buntings and two Lapland buntings. It is turning into a good winter for Lapland buntings, with birds in seven separate stubble fields and 20-30 individuals. And it is really heartening to be finding flocks of corn buntings everywhere: we didn’t count them properly during lockdown this year but they do seem to have done well. I also probably had a jack snipe amongst the marshy bits of the field where they have recently put field drains in. I just caught a glimpse of a snipe flying up in front of my dog and immediately back down a few meters away. I couldn’t then reflush it. Classic jack snipe behaviour.

Some of the corn buntings at Sauchope this afternoon. Flocks of corn bunting like this are a great rarity in most parts of Britain now but are a common sight around the East Neuk this winter

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