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There was some more fog around this morning. But the stillness made it very quiet at upper Kilminning. I easily picked up the Siberian chiff-chaff calling. I assume it is the same bird as I found on the 15th October, but then it could be another one in on the easterlies. Certainly, there have been a lot of blackbirds and woodcock arriving in the last few days: I flushed a woodcock as I followed the chiff-chaff around to get a good view. In case it was a new bird I had a good look at it and its plumage ticked all the right boxes: it looked very grey today, but this might haver been the fog. The call was great too: a single sad “tseu”, occasionally quite piping like a sad dunnock. I was able to record the call because it was so quiet. Although its very clear, its not very loud. If you go looking for the chiff-chaff over the weekend, when the go karts on the track next door are in action, then you won’t be able to hear it. Today it was very active in the top of the sycamores moving around the entire top of Kilminning, doing a circuit in about 10 minutes. Without the call – and it was calling for periods of about thirty seconds, making 5 or 6 calls in that time, interspersed with about five minutes of silence – it was impossible to keep track off. Otherwise it was redwings and mistle thrushes, and a brief view of a female merlin hunting through the fog at lower Kilminning.

Siberian chiffchaff at upper Kilminning this morning – here responding strongly to playback of its call

Posted November 10, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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