November 3rd   Leave a comment

It does look a lot like autumn is over. There is a slim chance of something coming in with some south-easterlies at the end of the week but I think we have had our lot this season. It has been an exceptional autumn in terms of some very good birds turning up. The only thing missing was some late October easterly rainstorms to bring in lots of thrushes and woodcocks at once. They seem to have trickled in more this year. At Kilminning this afternoon there were no summer migrants at all – my last one was a barn swallow on the 29th October. That may well be it now until next April. There were still five species of thrush there including quite a few redwings feeding on the hawthorn berries to seal that winter feeling.

Redwing on cotoneaster (JA)

Posted November 3, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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