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In birding terms, there has been a bit of a clear out over the last two days. The birds that came in mid-week have moved on and there has been little to replace them. One was a woodcock I saw coming in off the sea this morning during a brief seawatch. Its dashing, slightly wobbling flight over the North Sea over for another winter. To a bird that likes the dark and dense cover, to still be out over the sea at dawn must be an agoraphobic nightmare. It must be such a relief to see some cover ahead. But apart from the woodcock there was little about today. Only a few goldcrests left, no chiffchaffs or blackcaps, no redwings or great spotted woodpeckers. If felt like an average winter’s day rather than autumn. It is all in the wind and the rain patterns, and when they aren’t right then places like Kilminning are quiet. I struggled to find anything in the Patch that doesn’t live there year-round. Even Balcomie Beach was very quiet – only redshanks and gulls. I suppose this autumn is just averaging out.

A wren at Kilminning this morning – always a reliable resident to compensate for the migrants John and I didn’t find today (JA)

Posted October 17, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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