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There was a grey plover on Balcomie Beach with the dunlins. A subtly spotted and striped juvenile. There are usually one or two grey plover that winter between Balcomie and Kenly, although I suspect this is a bird passing through like the ruff of Sunday. There was another ruff at Sauchope – it didn’t look like the same bird – greyer legs and a much less rufous tinge to the fringes of its back feathers. But it was a grey afternoon in contrast to Sunday’s sunshine. Today’s bird was feeding on a mat of rotting seaweed floating on the water’s edge, almost walking on the water like a jacana. While I was sat watching the ruff I got a text from John at Fife Ness where I had seen him about thirty minutes earlier. An otter, fishing right in front of him. There have been several sightings of otters at Fife Ness this summer. Sooner or later I will get lucky too, but I think my dog might make it later.

The grey plover on Balcomie beach – distant but slightly surreal
Ruff number 2 (?) at Sauchope

Posted September 22, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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