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The holding pattern continues, but with a small hope of some change on Wednesday with an easterly forecast. But this weekend was much as last weekend. About 60 dunlin and 40 ringed plover on Balcomie Beach, still with the lone sanderling, like a bit of quartz among the pebbles. And the single bar-tailed godwit, although others were passing Fife Ness. Sea watching there on Sunday morning for an hour turned up one sooty shearwater and one manx shearwater, both heading north, and only two sandwich terns. Intriguingly I picked up two waders far out passing between me and the May island, heading into the Forth. Small and ruff like without wing bars they strongly suggested buff-breasted sandpipers, but I couldn’t pick up the dark mark on the underwing that would have clinched the identification. Probably wishful thinking – they were a long way out. The small flock of knot is still present on the flat weedy low tide rocks just in front of the hide.

Knot at Fife Ness (JA)

Yesterday I tried to change the scene a bit with a trip to Kilrenny, hoping for a black guillemot. More dunlin, a lot of redshank and lapwing, but a single greenshank was nice to see. It’s a good spot there for a wintering bird so I hope it stays. There was a single wheatear on the beach – it has been a very good autumn for them and I have been seeing some every trip out for the last few weeks.

Lapwing at Kilrenny yesterday – showing why one of its names is green plover

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