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The weather brightened up after lunch and birds were fairly active after the dull start to the day, but I didn’t manage to find anything new in at Balcomie or Kilminning. At least one of the whinchats (the one with the large pale wing patch) is still at lower Kilminning. There were about 100 golden plover flying around, looking for a field to roost in at high tide. I picked up a ruff in among a group of them heading towards Sauchope but couldn’t refind them there later. I did notice some absolutely pristine juvenile redshanks roosting there, almost looking like a different species and really contrasting with the adults. Juvenile redshanks appear at Crail later than the adults. They have to find a suitable bit of shore to settle on – where they spend their first winter is pretty much where they will spend every winter for the rest of their life. The adults, of course, have already committed and so get back to Crail straight after breeding finishes.

Two juvenile redshanks (left) and an adult at Sauchope. Fresh juveniles are very spotted on the back, are brownish and have orange legs, whereas adults are much more uniform, greyish and have red legs

Posted August 18, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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