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Sadly, despite rain yesterday and overnight and continuing easterlies, nothing much materialised. I went out to Kilminning yesterday afternoon and first thing this morning. Of note, there were juvenile willow warblers, a couple of redpolls and a cuckoo, although the willow warblers have been building up for the last two weeks regardless of the weather. The cuckoo did its usual thing of flying into the trees and disappearing: surprisingly it looked grey like an adult – they should all mostly be in Africa by now – rather than a juvenile. All in all, another Fife Ness disappointment – despite what looked like ideal conditions. It was interesting that nothing new appeared on the May Island and some of the rarities that turned up there yesterday have already gone. Something odd happened last night: perhaps because the rain was thunderstorms and so patchy rather than a solid front? There was a steady passage of sand martins and barn swallows, heading east over Kilminning this morning that was nice to see. More sand martins than I have seen all summer in a few minutes. Sauchope was also good with a large roost of golden plover, perhaps as many as 150, in various stages of moult from full summer plumage to full winter plumage. There was a mixed roost of gulls and terns, including some adult kittiwakes. Now they have finished breeding they are much more often on the rocks hanging out with the other gulls, taking a brief break before heading out to sea for the whole winter.

Golden plover (JA)

Posted August 12, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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