August 6th   1 comment

It is hard to judge quite what is passing through Balcomie Beach at the moment. There have been more people on it than I have ever seen before and there is no space for waders except around the edges. At low tide it barely matters because the rocky shore is huge and mostly undisturbed. But at high tide the opportunity to see the waders along the tide edge is gone apart from the tolerant flock of mostly juvenile dunlin. Most waders are roosting at high tide so the disturbance is probably not a big issue for them then either, just for me as some of the scarcer late summer species miss out a stopover on the beach. There are plenty of whimbrels though. I watched a flock of five flying south slowly along the coast at about fifty meters height, whistling continuously. Birds roosting on the rocky shore whistled back and flew up to join the flock until there was a flock of nine flying over Fife Ness. I could hear their whistles long after they disappeared over the headland, and I should think the flock was picking up more birds as it passed Crail.

A whimbrel passing Fife Ness (JA)

Posted August 6, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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  1. On Weds, I saw two lapwing briefly land on Balcomie beach – until the next dog walker…

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