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There was a cory’s shearwater flying past Crail and Anstruther this morning at about six – reported by the warden on the May Island; yesterday, one – presumably the same bird – was in the inner Forth. Great excitement for the local birders. Cory’s shearwaters are rare in Scotland, and I have only seen them around Crail on one occasion in early September in 2005. Now a very long time ago. So I bought a lottery ticket and sat at Fife Ness for about an hour mid-afternoon with my telescope in the light rain. I didn’t have a real hope but there were enough manx shearwaters and fulmars passing to keep it hopeful, and I had my first little gull of the year passing, an adult without much of its hood left. My telescope eventually got too wet and I headed for Kilminning. The oat field had a spectacular 7 whinchats in it, probably more because they were hard to see. As I arrived I had a group of five close together and then another two, possibly three, at the other side of the field. So a good minimum count. I still think we are having a passage of whinchats, with the numbers changing daily as birds arrive and leave – perhaps with a couple of the juveniles that have been here for nearly three weeks now.

Adult little gull – taken in early August (JA)

Posted July 30, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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