July 28th   Leave a comment

Yesterday was literally a washout – 15 mm of rain during the day. I did have a go at Kilminning at lunchtime but even the dog got just wet and depressed. This morning was much better, although the wind has been climbing up all day. At Balcomie there were nearly equal numbers of sanderling and dunlin – about 15 of each, and three, probably four common sandpipers between the beach and Fife Ness. I also picked up an early purple sandpiper flying up with the redshank from the roost at Fife Ness. Only a single whimbrel, and that was down at Kilminning coast. At sea it was mostly puffins passing, a few manx shearwaters and an increasing number of sandwich terns and their noisy chasing juveniles. On my way back to Crail I enjoyed the swallows flying low and close to avoid the wind. But some were using it to practically hover over the vegetation to pick off insects, their legs dangling like storm petrels to give a bit extra stability.

A barn swallow making use of the wind to pick insects off vegetation (JA)

Posted July 28, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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