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The swifts have upped the ante again. This morning with ten minutes of playback below my swift boxes I had a pair visiting below and around the boxes frequently, often with a third bird, and then two occasions of a bird landing at a nest box hole, hanging on and having a good look inside. Again fantastically optimistic. Next time a swift in the box maybe. I realise I have forgotten to update re the swift fledgling of last Sunday. On Monday there was no sign of the bird either inside or below the box, and we haven’t found a body in the garden in the days since. The evidence is that it fledged. I hope it made it.

Swifts properly checking out one of the nest boxes today – a composite from two visits

I was at Balcomie at full low tide so the waders were dispersed over the rocky shore apart from a handful of dunlin and ringed plover on the beach. At Fife Ness there were three knot with some turnstone, all in summer plumage – there should be some here for next few weeks as they start returning from the Arctic. At sea everything was far out apart from the gannets. A greylag goose flying south was unusual for the time of year. There are still whinchats at Kilminning; 2-3 birds today, at least two juveniles along the reserve fence, and possibly an adult, distantly in the oat field.

The three knot at Fife Ness

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