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I have been trying playback at my swift boxes to encourage the late season non-breeders to get to know them ready for next year. It’s been spectacularly successful so far. The first time I played swifts screaming below the nest boxes I had four birds flying closely around the boxes within three minutes. Within five they had landed on the eaves above the nest and within 10 there was an individual trying to get under the roof tiles of the next door house. This evening I had two attempts to enter one of the boxes – a brief hover in front of the hole and a quick scrabble of legs to gain purchase, lasting only a second. There were several occasions when a swift landed on top of the box or scrabbled up the wall under the eaves by the box. It all looks very hopeful.

Swifts prospecting my new nest boxes today in response to playback – the speaker is the round object in the bottom of the picture

Balcomie Beach was busy with waders again today. A greenshank, several whimbrels, six turnstones and two bar-tailed godwits were new in. There were also about 100 dunlin and a few sanderling and ringed plover. I missed a little stint in the evening, but I came down looking for it a couple of hours after high tide and the shorebirds were already dispersed onto the rocky shore. A needle in a haystack. I will try again tomorrow evening at high tide.

A pair of bar-tailed godwits on Balcomie Beach this evening

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