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One advantage of a daily routine, where your walk takes you to the same place day after day, is that you notice things. Particularly when things appear and disappear. Today it was the first rock pipit of the winter at Balcomie. Rock pipits are residents, breeding all along the coast and we have pairs breeding in Crail: Balcomie Beach has lots of rock pipits too, but as I realised today, not during the summer. A rock pipit sitting on a rock on the strandline this afternoon was the first I have seen at Balcomie since May. There have been pipits on the beach every day, and I haven’t paid them much attention, but they have all been meadow pipits, nesting in the rank grass alongside the coastal path and the golf course and foraging amongst the rocks just like rock pipits during the winter. The rock pipit today may well be a migrant from Scandinavia, here already after breeding. We have had 2 or 3 colour-ringed birds from Norway on the shore at Balcomie, so it’s not that unlikely. Later at Kilminning, while trying to work out whether there was a third (adult) whinchat there, I had a really good look at a meadow pipit that was more obliging than the whinchat. I shouldn’t overlook them, or rock pipits.

The first rock pipit of the winter at Balcomie this afternoon
And a meadow pipit at Kilminning

Posted July 16, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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