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I headed to the far west this morning – well at least as far as Balcaskie – to have a look for corn buntings and yellow wagtails. The yellow wagtails first. They continue to confuse. I had three males and a female today, two males opposite the nest at Oldbarns which I think fledged last week, a female now feeding chicks near the second nest in the same field, and then a third male popping up out of perfect nesting field as nearly as far as Bankhead. All in all I think we have at least as many pairs as last year (three) and maybe one more. Then the corn buntings. Lots between Crail and Balcaskie, although the wooded area of the estate is not really suitable so there is a hole in their distribution there. But I did hear a jay, that East Neuk rarity – plenty of oak trees and mature woodland to suit them. I also heard a quail singing from a potato field just to the north-west of Pittenweem recycling centre. This year is possibly another good quail year with lots being recorded further south, so I hope this will be the first of several to come. Last year was also good. All along my route, out closer to the coast and back further inland, there were tree sparrows everywhere. We are lucky to still have them so common in the East Neuk.

Two of our East Neuk specialities: still common here. Corn bunting and tree sparrow

Posted June 30, 2020 by wildcrail in Sightings

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