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We have had the east wind back a bit and this morning the haar was in. I went out after lunch after it brightened up in Crail but found the fog waiting for me at Kilminning. I was on the lookout for cuckoos – this week is the best for cuckoos passing along the coast and one had been reported from Anstruther during the morning. I found one, flying between bushes and keeping well hidden in the lower part. They are shy birds and when they fly into a tree or bush they freeze until you leave the area so if you don’t see exactly where they go, you lose them. I saw a whitethroat nearby carrying a large caterpillar: just what a cuckoo on migration needs and Kilminning is full of moth and butterfly caterpillars just now. There was another migrant at Kilminning, a chiff-chaff in moult so it was very dull apart from its wings and tail that remained quite greenish in contrast. It looked very intriguing even when it showed itself well.

Common whitethroat with a cuckoo sized caterpillar – no chance of getting a photo of a cuckoo with or without a caterpillar

I finally got close enough to the ringlet butterflies today. They are very restless and hard to approach. They are a handsome butterfly when you do get a good view. Although they are brown, it is very dark and contrasting against a dark velvet body on one side, and a neat white fringe on the edge of the wing, on the other. The haar followed me back to Crail. I saw a single tiny eider chick in Roome Bay, another late chick.

Ringlets at Kilminning

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